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​I believe that psychotherapy can be a life changing experience if you allow yourself to be committed and open to self discovery.

For the therapy to be effective it needs to be a collaborative process. It is not about the therapist showing you the right way to deal with your problems, but about us figuring out together what blocks you from feeling more fulfilled. By exploring how your thoughts, feelings and personal history might be limiting your freedom, you can begin to actualize your full potential.

Often in the process of understanding your relationship patterns, we would look at our relationship, and use it to deepen our understanding of the roles you are taking in other relationships in your life.

The process of psychotherapy is not always easy. It is hard for most of us to admit that we need help, and whenever we try and change we are bound to meet up with some kind of internal resistance. However, together we would try and work with the difficulties toward better self awareness that would enable you to change and increase your capacity to feel free and satisfied in your life.

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